Children’s Profiles


ThuyNhung Nguyen
Female born January 12, 2002

ThuyNhung's mother worked in Ho Chi Minh City. She fell in love and became pregnant. Six months later, her boy friend left her. She met another man and gave birth to ThuyNhung. For the first four years of her life, ThuyNhung lived with her mother and her step father. She suffered a lot of physical abuse from her step father. Her grandmother could not bear to see the abuse and asked the Sisters at New Beginnings to adopt her. Her mother never once visited her.

TrucLy Nguyen
Female born January 17, 2010

TrucLy's mother worked in a sweat shop. One day, the weather was very hot and a co-worker gave her a drink. After finishing it, she felt dizzy. She woke up and realized that she was raped. She became pregnant. Her parents kicked her out of the house. She came to the orphanage, asking the Sisters a place to live. She gave the baby to the orphanage.

MaiNgoc Bui
Female born February 09, 2009

MaiNgoc's mother was very poor and had a son with a boy friend. Soon he left her. After three years, he came back and apologized. The couple lived together again. When she became pregnant with MaiNgoc, he left her for good. Heart-broken, she wanted to abort the pregnancy. The doctor convinced her to keep the baby. She gave the baby to the Sisters. She visited her daughter occasionally.

ThuyNhi Pham
Female born April 13, 2006

ThuyNhi's mother was poor and came to the city to find work. One night she was raped and became pregnant.She hid her pregnancy from her parents. After giving birth, she gave the baby to the Sisters at New Beginning, hoping the baby will have a better future. She came to visit ThuyNhi twice.

TrucVan Nguyen
Female born March 24, 2010

TrucVan's mother already had four children. Her husband one day left the family and never came back. She struggled and worked several jobs to support her and the kids. When she became pregnant from a boy friend, she knew that she could not provide for this baby. Not wanting to go through the abortion, she gave the baby at birth to the Sisters at New Beginnings.

TrucTrinh Nguyen
Female born March 30, 2010

At 12:30 pm on March 30, 2010, a Sister heard the cries of a baby near the back gate of the orphanage. She found a baby girl tucked in a box, with some clothing and an empty milk bottle. There was a note saying, "Due to circumstances, I cannot reveal my identity. Please take care of my baby. Thank you." The Sisters welcomed Baby TrucTrinh to the orphanage.

MaiLien Le
Female born April 15, 2007

When MaiLien's mother became pregnant, her boy friend refused to take responsibilities and left her. With no one to turn to and no money to support herself and the baby, she wanted to commit suicide. She tried to hide her pregnancy by tying her belly very tight, hoping to kill the fetus. Friends convinced her to come to New Beginnings Mai Am orphanage. When MaiLien was born, her legs were so weak that doctor thought that she could not walk. After numerous visits to the hospital and with the loving care of the Sisters, she can now walk normally.

Mai Ho
Female born May 22, 2002

Mai's mother is from the North and went to the South to look for a job. She met her father and they had two children. Her family is very poor and her brother is disabled. Mai's mother brought Mai to the orphanage and asked the Sisters to adopt Mai.


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