In early 2011, after our successful fundraising, a one-acre piece of land was purchased near the orphanage. We leveled the land, built the surrounding fence, and planted fruit trees. Our next stage involves raising funds to expand the current facilities at New Beginnings Mai Am orphanage.

The new building will allow us to significantly increase our capacity to accept more orphans and provide separate dormitories for the boys, girls and infants. It will house an infirmary as well as provide rooms for expectant mothers and staff. As the older children reach school age, additional classrooms, computer labs, and recreation rooms are needed.

Over the years we made many trips to visit the orphanage and provided medical care to the disabled and sick locals. We distributed rice, flour, sugar and gifts. With every visit, the number of local villagers who sought medical care and food increased and we could no longer accommodate them. As a result, we plan to build larger examination rooms to care for the increasing number of patients.

Our goal is to provide a safe and stable environment for the children, to foster their physical development, and to give them an education to enable them to become productive members of society.


First Floor

Blueprint of the First Floor

Second Floor

Blueprint of the Second Floor

Front view of the building

Blueprint of the Front View of Building

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