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2009: Providing medical care to the orphans of New Beginnings Mai Am

Checking a patient for abdominal problem

In March of 2009, our first team of Vietnamese doctors from the hospital in Saigon and young American physicians from Loyola Medical School in Chicago took the four-hour bus drive to the orphanage. Medical care was given to all the orphans and the handicapped patients from the village.

A brief stop on our way to the orphanage, 4 hours North of Saigon

My name is Chuck, what is your name??

Checking on an asthma patient

This room holds children 2 to 5 years old, taking a nap in the afternoon.

Young physician from Loyola comforting a boy

Loyola pediatrician getting to know her first patient

Twin boys

What a beautiful little girl

Socializing and getting to know you

Let me teach you a game: Patty cake

Who wants to swing??

I see the world upside down

I want your necklace

On the bus, taking the orphans to the beach, 3 miles from the orphanage

The orphans taking a dip in the ocean.

The Sisters sharing a laugh with the children

We love the beach!

I am so HAPPY!

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